Lately my paintings have evolved into a clusterfuck of stupid and silly ideas conjoing into a collage-like-amalgam of doodles, memes, historical references, cat buttholes, and color fields. As a product of growing into this world as a digital native, and having the technical ability of academic painting combined with an examination for what makes Art with a capital A. The idea derived from doodles within the margins of my paintings and has extended out of a desire to make work that doesn’t take itself too seriously. In 2021 I don’t want to make paintings that are emo and devoid of people anymore, that’s soO last year.

For a period of time I was painting landscapes inhabited by mundane, often household objects dissociated from their surroundings. While I was making them I didn’t really have any conceptual or symbolic intent through creating the scenes. The objects were substitutes for a figure within the landscape, sometimes even acting as a compositional filler.
As time has passed, I’ve reflected on the paintings being representative for a time in my life when I was feeling particularly absent from my surroundings. I had been at SAIC for two semesters and was struggling to find my place at the school. I think I felt pretty out of place in Chicago all together.
When I got here my work suddenly shifted to painting landscapes as a direct reaction to moving into downtown Chicago, and missing that feeling of absolute solitude I experience completely surrounded by nature.
Taking that idea of painting landscapes to depict visions of the sublime or moments of elevated spiritual consciousness became the basis for my work, and adding an assortment of displaced furniture items to the paintings added a personified introspection to the mix.

Originally born in San Diego, California to an estranged family of artists. Studied painting at Palomar Community College before transferring to SAIC in 2019. Currently pursuing a BFA with a focus in painting, and delivering pizza on two wheels for coin.

Showed at:
Boehm Gallery- San Marcos, CA 2016/18
California Center for the Artist- Escondido, CA 2018

Scholarship from the Fallbrook Center of the Arts 2016
Merit-based scholarship from SAIC 2019